Kinematics of a Particle

Recall that kinematics is the area of Dynamics that is used to study the geometric aspects of motion.  To further break down kinematics we could either have a problem that is a particle or a rigid body.  For this section I will be focusing on kinematics of a particle.

A particle is an object that has a mass but its size and shape are negligible.  This means we won’t have to consider and translations or rotations of the individual particle like we would for a rigid body.  Instead we only need to consider the path of motion of the particle.

When looking at the path of motion of a particle we will have to consider the particles displacement, the particles velocity, and the particles acceleration.  You will also have to consider how time can be used to related displacement, velocity, and acceleration.  Finally, the path of motion could be in a strait line, or it could be rotational.  Depending on which will determine how you would look at the problem and ultimately solve it.

The first thing that you should look at is particle displacement.  Continue to the next article to learn more.

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