Kinetics Force & Acceleration of a Particle

Kinetics is the study of force on a particle. Force is a product of Newton’s Second Law Motion. “A particle acted upon by an unbalanced force F experiences and acceleration that has the same direction as the force and a magnitude that is directly proportional to the force.” In other words force is a product of the particles mass and acceleration. Refer to equation 1.

(Eq 1)  $f=ma$

m = objects mass

a = acceleration

f = force

Sum of Forces in Multiple Directions

Equation 1 doesn’t apply to just one direction. It applies to all direction, along with rotational forces. From the sum of all the possible forces placed on the particle it would then be possible to determine the magnitude of force on the particle. Refer to equation 2.

(Eq 2)  $F=\sqrt{∑ƒ_x^2+∑ƒ_y^2+∑ƒ_z^2}$


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