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Thermodynamics Introduction

Thermodynamics is the study of energy flow throughout a cycle. Knowing how energy flows through a cycle will provide a prediction on how efficient that cycle is. To determine how efficient a cycle is thermodynamics will be used to predict how much of the energy will be converted into work while calculating the energy that will be lost to heat, since energy cannot be created or destroyed.

In this section on thermodynamics I will be discussing different thermodynamic theories and processes. Some of the things that will be discussed are as follows. I will be discussing systems and control volumes, equilibrium, and how temperature and pressure play a role in thermodynamics. I will also how energy is transferred to heat or work and how that relates to the first law of thermodynamics. In addition I will discuss phase changes and how you can use thermodynamic charts to determine these phase changes. The effects of enthalpy, internal energy, and specific heat on closed and open systems will also be discussed. The Carnot cycle and how that is related to the second law of thermo dynamics will also be discussed. Finally, the effects of entropy, and how that relates to the energy flow in the universe will be discussed.

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