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Strength of Materials: Unsymmetric Bending

Unsymmetric bending is bending that would occur in both the x and y axis. Due to this there will be a moment created in both direction and both the x and y area moment of inertias would have to considered. To calculate the stress equation 1 would be used, and to calculate the angle offset of the neutral axis equation 2 would be used.

Equation to calculate normal stress on a beam when the loading is unsymmetric (1)

σ = Bending Stress

Mx = Moment in the x-direction

y = distance to neutral axis on the y axis

Ix = Area Moment of Inertia x-direction

My = Moment in the y-direction

x = distance to neutral axis on the x axis

Iy = Area Moment of Inertia y-direction

Equation to calculate the neutral axis on a beam when the loading is unsymmetric (2)

Example of unsymmetric Bending

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